The School

Manow, Tanzania

Our current project is hosted in Manow, Tanzania. Classes are taught at Manow Lutheran Junior Seminary (MLJS) and the local church. Manow is located in a lush, mountainous and rural area of south central Tanzania. Students come for our English intensive from great distances and at great cost to their families.

While primary school in Tanzania is free. Both public and private secondary schools charge tuition. Public secondary school costs an average of $120 per year. MLJS is a large and highly desirable private secondary school. Tuition is approximately $700 – $1,000 per year. Only the families with substantial resources are able to afford a school like MLJS for their children (the average per capita income in Tanzania is approximately $500).
Our English intensive program offers an opportunity for all students who attend to learn valuable language and life skills and helps students moving on to secondary school ensure they get the most out of their families’ significant investments in their education.