Teaching in Tanzania    We recruit and train two volunteers to teach per year.  Our volunteers do not have to be teachers, but need to have a heart for helping children learn English.  Teaching volunteers serve in the Manow community for a total of 12 weeks – 10 weeks of teaching and 2 weeks  for travel and preparation.  The 10-week English intensive begins in late September each year.  Teaching volunteers should be in good physical health and excited for the opportunity to live and serve in a rural community.  Some teaching experience is helpful, but not required.

Teaching volunteers receive extensive training in the curriculum, general preparation for travel to Africa, and specific cultural preparation for living in rural Tanzania.  Teaching volunteers are escorted to Tanzania by a former volunteer.  You can learn more about what we expect from our volunteer teachers in our Expectations document.   Read what volunteer Ernie Malick said about his experience in 2014. 

The only true way to experience Africa is to go there, see it, and volunteer to live as part of a community.  As a volunteer Pre-Form 1 English teacher, I lived for three months with the people and their culture in the south central highlands of Tanzania.  And for three months I saw the varied ways of existence these resourceful people live.  This is where I found the real Tanzania, the real Tanzanian people, the real culture. Here I found happy, generous, welcoming, friendly, and giving people.

img_0305To have a chance to teach students in this community so that they could have a better life was a way, I believe, to help to make the world a better place. There are many other things I could probably say, but my remembrance is this, I am very happy that I volunteered because in so many ways I have learned the many things that I have forgotten — little pleasures, heart felt greetings, sharing, and giving with no expectations of anything in return. Most of all the people made me realize that life is what is most important no matter how tedious. It is life that we should always be happy for, as reflected in the fact that they always greet everyone with a smile and treat them as one of their extended family. I know the little village of Manow and its people will always be a part of me.

If you are a native English speaker and would like to be considered for becoming a teaching volunteer, please fill out our initial interest application.

Community Outreach and Special Events

The Tanzania Teaching Foundation is always in need of partners who have a passion for our mission and are interested in teaching, helping with special events, and providing additional program support.  

If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please contact us at tanzaniateachingfoundation@gmail.com for more information.