The Tanzania Teaching Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals, families and communities in Tanzania through targeted education programs.

Our Current Project: Secondary School Readiness

Despite the fact that secondary school in Tanzania is taught in English, most primary schools still use Swahili as the primary language of instruction, creating a significant gap between the skills students need to succeed in secondary school and the actual preparation they receive.

We are currently engaged in a project to improve the English proficiency of students entering secondary school. To accomplish this, the foundation coordinates, staffs and funds an annual 10-week intensive English program for 40 Tanzanian students entering secondary school. The program is hosted in Manow, Tanzania in collaboration with Manow Lutheran Junior Seminary and the local community and church, but the students come from several surrounding villages.

Curriculum for the program was developed by former volunteers and incorporates life skills such as sustainable farming, personal hygiene, first aid, and STD prevention. The program is free and offers four 4-year scholarships to Manow Lutheran Junior Seminary as an incentive for students to perform well in the English program.